• About the Authors

    Jason JayI’m Jason Jay.  I grew up in Boulder, Colorado where you’re considered crazy if you’re not an environmentalist and outdoor athlete of some kind.  Now I live in Boston where I can get away with being a little lazier as long as I appear to be an intellectual.  So I got a Ph.D. in Organization Studies, and I’m now a Lecturer in Sustainability at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  I’m the Director of the MIT Sloan Initiative for Sustainable Business and Society.   I teach courses on sustainable business strategy, and I get students and alumni engaged in hands-on projects with leading companies and organizations.  Over the years I’ve been active in improving the energy and environmental footprint of the MIT campus.  My wife Alaka is a doctor and puts up with my rantings about the future of the planet while our son Vikram keeps us smiling and reminding us what it’s all for.  Before MIT I ran an Internet startup, traveled around the world, taught kindergarten in a progressive preschool, and worked as a consultant with Dialogos International.


    Gabriel Grant is a doctoral student at Yale studying leadership and sustainability. At the age of three, he was in the back seat of his family’s Ford Fiesta crossing the Detroit/Windsor border. The Canadian customs officer politely asked his father, Greg, to roll down his window. The officer leaned in and asked “Are these your real parents?” After long pause, thought, and hesitation, Gabriel replied “I don’t know, I do not remember being born.” To this day, Gabriel has been unable to ascertain with certainty where he is from.

    Gabriel holds a M.S. in Ecological Systems Engineering and a B.S. in Physics from Purdue University. In addition to his research at Yale, Gabriel directs the Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation that provides training to emerging leaders in sustainability and social entrepreneurship. He is also an active sustainability consultant whose clients represent sectors including: transportation, energy, ICT, commercial and residential development, municipalities, and cultural institutions. He currently lives in New Haven, CT with his wife Sarah, daughter Ariana, and dog Delft.